software – Getting Shades of Gray is hard

How Grayify Pages in Your PDF

Sometimes you want to convert your PDF to gray-scale, other times you want everything gray except a few chosen pages. I discuss a small software package for the latter task. Read More ›

software – The Ultimate Top 10 Best

C++ April Fool's Pranks

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software – Resource Acquisition is Initialization, is It Not?

Two Stage Initialization Considered Harmful

For producing any serious C++ code, you do not get around the RAII idiom. It is typically praised for many things. However, the merit of one-stage initialization of objects is not given the attention it deserves. Read More ›

meta – Static Comments For Jekyll

Let There Be Static Comments

About's new comment system and the struggle to attain it Read More ›

software – Coding Style

Indentation In Python is not *that* bad Read More ›