science – Let's talk science

Doctor At Last II: the Thesis and the Hat

In the second part in a series on the doctor title , I am reflecting on the thesis itself and its most valuable outcome: a paper hat Read More ›

software – Semantics, Implementation and Delimitation Against Pointers

Using std::optional<T> for Optional or Uninitialized Values in C++

boost::optional&lt;T&gt; has been out there for a while to solve the problem of uninitialized values. Now std::optional has been accepted into the C++17 standard. In this article, we have look at the problem to which optional is the solution and analyse semantics, usage, implementation of optional as well as the difference to pointers. Read More ›

science – Received My Degree Certificate

Doctor At Last: Title, Prestige and Ettiquette

What does a doctorate mean in Germany? How should it be displayed? Read More ›

software – Ergonomic Efficient Emacs

Use Big Data to Improve Your Emacs Experience

Determining frequently used Emacs commands with complex keybindings and assign short-cuts for improved efficiency. Read More ›

zeitgeist – Reclaiming Privacy

Leaving Facebook

Facebook be gone. These are my parting thoughts about all things Facebook. For some reason we start it off with discussing how Facebook and Zuckerberg essentially do not pay taxes. Then of course privacy (what else?) and other aspects how Facebook is not good for your mental hygiene. Read More ›