software – Automatic Dependency Tracking

Maintaining a Minimalistic Debian With Aptitude

After a brief appreciation letter to Debian, I lay out the problem of maintaining a minimal installation. Then I discuss how this issue can be solved using automatic dependency tracking in aptitude. Read More ›

software – Trouble With Generic Smart Pointer Factories

Two Strikes Against std::make_unique and std::make_shared

In this article, we examine whether the two generic factory functions mentioned in the title can be used as a full replacement for explicit allocation. Spoiler alert: there are troublesome corner cases. Read More ›

software – The better language tries to break free

The Eradication of the Raw Pointer in C++11

The necessity for using raw pointers in C++ has decreased continuously. In this post I list replacement constructs for raw pointers and discuss a concrete example of problematic pointers in interfaces. Read More ›

zeitgeist – Seeking Tranquility in Busy Workplaces

Brownian Noise, An Acoustic Firewall

Some thoughts on busy versus quiet work environments and why Brownian noise is a good choice to get some mentally challenging work done in a work place. Read More ›

software – Under-Appreciated Tools

inotifywait: How to Get Instant Refresh for LaTeX and HTML

Here we discuss how to use inotifywait and other command line tools to get instant refresh functionality when editing latex or HTML generating markup texts. Read More ›